MSNBC Breaking News team

I am currently serving as an associate producer with the Dayside MSNBC Newsgathering team.

One of my core products is the early morning “Flashback” notes, morning daily readouts that assist segment producers in identifying key soundbites or research in daily production.

Additionally, I maintain MSNBC Dayside’s unified graphics bank, with key data maintained to ensure continuity across all MSNBC hours. Examples of unified graphics are things like Tweet trackers, bio cards and keeping track of 2020 presidential candidates. I also currently serve on the advance planning team for the network’s coverage of the Russia investigation.

I also cover Washington DC’s Capitol Hill in conjunction with the NBC DC unit, identifying key sound, logging and verbating members of Congress.

Special Projects

I also had the opportunity to produce a television package for MSNBC’s Last Word and Morning Joe with Cal Perry and Anthony Terrell.

I was originally slated to work on marking up archival footage, but then got the opportunity to produce the entire rough cut and first draft of the entire package. I also worked closely with editors, field producers and correspondents to blend historical footage with contemporary interviews to create something truly unique.

Thanks again to Cal and Anthony for giving me this incredible opportunity.

Published Articles

I have written several video games news articles for NBC News Digital. I worked with the Media and Tech editors to publish articles about video games, culture and business. I interviewed business analysts, other journalists and regulators to explain an oft-dismissed topic and bring video games journalism to the mainstream.

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2018 was the year of 'Fortnite'

Even in a video game industry that has in recent years reached new heights in terms of popularity, cultural impact and profit, “Fortnite” was an outlier in 2018.

FTC will investigate $30B video game industry

Games such as "Overwatch" include paid “loot boxes” that some psychologists have called a form of gambling.


South Korea's newest K-pop hit: A digital band marketing a video game

K/DA is a band of digital avatars created to promote the free-to-play video game “League of Legends.”

Meet the Press Daily

I served as a graphics production assistant for approximately a year, working with the host, producers and artists to create informative and easily digestible graphics for the show.

Later I transitioned to video production for the show, cutting SOTs and VOs and conducting video research for producers.

This is an example of a pitched, researched, produced and edited segment.

Meet the Press Daily airs 5pm ET weekdays on MSNBC. It is a daily political cable news show anchored by Chuck Todd, NBC News’ political director.

Meet the Press Daily - Social

Below are social-optimized videos generated post-show I produced. Videos were produced in AVID using social media best practices.